How much does Junk Removal Cost?

On an average scale, the junk removal costs lie between $70 to $570. Most of the homeowners spend approximately $150 and $350, or $1.50 per sq. Ft. Moreover, a single-family home pays almost $210 for junk removal services and on the other hand, a business will spend around $500.

The junk removal companies utilize a large truck so that they can dispose of the junk away from your home or office. Most of the companies charge according to the amount of trash that you want to get disposed of. Surcharges are also required that depend upon permits and your location as well. It is recommended to hire a junk removal service for such long tasks, but you need to take a look at average prices as well.

What is the average cost of junk removal?

The national average cost is $210. The minimum cost is almost $70 and the maximum cost is $570. According to these rates, the average range of junk removal is $150 to $350.

The most common way of charging by the junk removal services is by the truckload. A full load in a trash disposal truck is approximately equal to 4 pickup truck loads.

There are some companies that offer high pricing and provides the homeowner with a quick and precise price for junk removal tasks. 

Some other companies also provide an online pricing range. The online price estimator is established on the average size of an item and pricing in your local area.

The size of items varies and this may affect the overall service cost.

Let’s take a look at the average junk disposal price list:

  • $70 – $100 for a load of 10 sq. Ft
  • $90  – $130 for a load of 10 to 20 sq. Ft
  • $330 – $360 for a load of 30 to 40 sq. Ft
  • $490 – $520 for a load of 66.6 to 70 sq. Ft
  • $550 – $570 for a load of 80 sq. Ft

Now let’s classify these rates for various services such as junk, trash, waste, etc. There is a huge difference between all of these, which will be covered below:

  • Junk Removal: It is a service that is removed by most of the city trash services that refuse to utilize. Some cities also offer a free junk removal day as well. Perhaps, $70 – $570 are required to avail a professional junk removal service.
  • Trash removal: This service is performed on a regular and scheduled base in different colonies and cities and it is charged along with your monthly utility bill.
  • Waste removal: Waste removal include the disposal of hazardous materials and items such as mercury, or any other harmful chemicals. This service mostly covers the garbage and debris from construction sites and it costs approximately around $60 to $125. Various junk removal companies do not include the disposal of harmful agents in their services.
  • Compositing: The food wastes and cleaning of garbage from yard costs around $70 to $100. It all depends upon the amount of trash that needs to be disposed of.